Hello, my name is Lambert Colin.
I'm a computer graphics expert 2d/3d.

I make illustrations, animations and websites.
If you want to learn more about me, clik on "About me".

And of course, Welcome.

2005-04-28 updates : I have fun with illustrator, so I want to show you what it makes, go to 2d_gallery to see it.

2005-04-19 updates : I added my curriculum vitae french version which could be downloaded in about_me.

2005-04-04 updates : I put my current WIP in the 3d_gallery and an illustration in the 2d_gallery which was made when I was at school.

2005-03-17 updates : I made a quicktime file for the fatal_error video. I hope that it can be seen by anyone without problems.

2005-03-13 updates : I added a turnaround of my head in the 3d_gallery and a mouse drawed picture in the 2d_gallery.
LAMBERT Colin - 145, rue du Mont Cenis - 75018 Paris
+33 664 361 238